Easily and quickly create complex app prototypes


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ProtoPie is a must have app for anyone interested in developing apps for mobile devices. The program helps you create complex prototypes that include animations, interactions and reactions to the possible user behavior. The best part is that you don’t need previous knowledge because using it is super easy.

Using ProtoPie is as easy as knowing what you want to create and how you want it to react to different processes; for example, if you want your app to zoom by clicking twice on the screen you just have to choose the ‘double click’ option in the ‘action’ section, click on the ‘zoom’ option in the ‘reaction’ section, and your interaction will be 100% completed and functional at that very moment. It’s that simple,but,you can also create more complex interactions that involve as many processes and elements as you want to include to make your app perfect.

Once you’ve created all your processes, you can try them for yourself in the mobile simulator that’s included in the program. The simulator can also adjust to fit the type of device the app is designed for.

Use all the elements that a smartphone offers and take advantage of the movement sensor and the accelerometer and use the camera in a different way to create an amazing app in the easiest and fastest way possible. ProtoPie is a great tool to help you create app prototypes.
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